DTF Printing is a revolutionary new way to decorate a huge array of garments and fabric, replacing the need for multiple print solutions and condensing many applications into a single low-cost process.


The D300-RFA Direct To Film system consists of DTF printer as well as the integrated fusing system in one package, automating the entire process allowing you to create large volumes of high quality, vibrant and durable prints with a minimum of operator interaction, once complete the images are ready to be transferred to just about any type of garment, no pre-treatment or weeding required!

Perfect for small to medium sized print shops and kiosks the D300- RFA features dual Epson Print Heads and can deliver prints at speeds up to 8m2 p/h. Transfers are processed onto a roll at the end of the process and can be used immediately, stored for later use or shipped off-site to be pressed elsewhere.


The D300-RFA system is supplied with DTF Business Pro Ink. This ink offers excellent colour reproduction brilliant whites and deep rich blacks.

This ink has been professionally profiled to work seamlessly with Print Suite to ensure top quality and cost effective DTF Transfers.


Transfers produced by the D300-RFA system are very robust and easy to use. Transfers can be applied at a low temperature in as little as 15 seconds and have a wide processing window dramatically reducing the risk of failed transfers when compared to other printing methods.

The range of fabrics that can be decorated is almost limitless and to date we have decorated many different garments and fabrics in house with exceptional results.

We have successfully decorated both light and dark coloured garments made from, Cotton, Polyester, Poly/Cotton Blends, Neoprene, Faux Leather, Denim and many more.


The D300-RFA is sold as a complete system and comes with everything you need to get started in DTF production. Here’s what’s included when purchasing the D300-RFA:

  • D300 DTF full roll to roll printing system with automated powder application and curing units
  • Full set of DTF business pro Inks
  • 100m Roll of high quality DTF transfer film
  • DTF transfer powder
  • Print Suite DTF Edition RIP Software
  • Cleaning & maintenance supplies
  • Delivery & installation*
  • Complete set up & training*
  • Unlimited technical support

PRICES FROM £11,250*

*Sale prices for the D300 include delivery, install, set-up & training and may vary depending on your location as well as any special requirements or alternations that may be required in order to complete delivery & install.

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